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I aim to put out two plant lists annually :  daffodils, dormant snowdrops and other bulbs such as crocus in July,  and hepaticas in autumn or spring. There may also be seeds available once or twice a year. I will send an email to our subscribers a few days before a list goes out to alert them that it is imminent. Postal lists will be sent out to hopefully arrive at the same time as the email lists.

If you would like to subscribe to our lists, please contact me:

The number of each item available at any one time is always going to be small. If you like something in the list – you need to order quickly, by email or phone if possible, to ensure the best chance of getting your choices. For the best chance of getting your favourites, follow the instructions given on the ordering page:

ALL of the plants in my list are home-propagated by myself or Brian Duncan. None are bought in from commercial growers.


As well as our main list, our new introductions and the rarest of our cultivars are offered on EBAY, where I sell as DRYADZNY.

If you want to follow me as a seller, and be informed when the bulbs are listed, use this link and save me as a seller: 

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