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I know many of you are waiting for our summer list to be released. I have finished counting and now need to compile the list and website etc, which I hope to do this week, hoping to release the list next weekend, if all goes well.
I also know that many of you will be disappointed to hear that there will be no snowdrops in the summer list this year. 
The Covid-19 situation has affected everybone and the impacts are widespread. For me this has meant focusing my available time on the daffodil side of the business. As a result, I will not be in a position to produce a resting snowdrop list this season. I intend to offer snowdrops in the green next year as usual. I am sorry to be missing my first resting snowdrop season, but I am sure you will understand.

As usual will send out a 'heads-up' email to people on our email list a few days before it is due.

Last updated 09.00 7 JULY 2020

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Narcissus Sleek


It is important to note that with the uncertainty over Brexit, this may be the last season that we can send Galanthus outside the UK without a CITES certificate. The high costs and amount of work involved in obtaining CITES certificates for individual plants means it will probably no longer be viable to post to the EU. Other bulbs such as Narcissus, may need phytosanitary certificates, also with associated costs. The message here is: If you are outside the UK, this may be your final chance to buy Dryad specialities direct from us.

Buyers should also be aware that new regulations came into force in December 2019, requiring all plants sold by mail order or online to have a Plant Passport. I am happy to announce that I am now registered to issue plant passports, and so all our plants sold will be fully compliant with the new regulations. Customers can be assured of the quality and legitimacy of our plants. Dryad Nursery is proud of our feedback and careful of the trust put in us by our customers. 

ALL of the plants in my list are home-propagated by myself or Brian Duncan. None are bought in from commercial growers.

Dryad Nursery is a small mail-order-only nursery run by me, Anne Wright, based in Tockwith, North Yorkshire. I grow and breed miniature narcissi, snowdrops, and hepaticas.

The nursery was set up originally simply as a way of disposing of excess bulbs from my hobby, and still has this function, but I also now propagate the plants especially for the list. Everything is on a small scale though – it has to fit into my back-garden! 

I hope to put out 2 plant lists annually -  daffodils, anemones, dormant snowdrops and other bulbs such as crocus in July;  and hepaticas in November. I will send an email a few days before the list goes out to alert customers that it is imminent. Postal lists will be sent out to hopefully arrive at the same time as the email lists.

In addition, our rarest daffodils and snowdrops will be available on ebay where I sell as DRYADZNY.

If you want to follow me as a seller, and be informed when the bulbs are listed, use this link and click on 'FOLLOW"


The numbers of each item available at any one time is always going to be small. If you like something in the list – you need to order quickly, by email or phone if possible, to ensure the best chance of getting your choices.

ALL of the plants in my list are home-propagated by myself or Brian Duncan. None are bought in from commercial growers.

Dryad Nursery specialities

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Dryad Venus

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Dryad Demeter

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Dryad Artemis

Dryad Gold Bullion

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